Life is perspective. 

Do you feel you often look for happiness? Most of us belive or have been lead to belive that happiness lies outside, we spend years after years of our life searching for that happiness, yet we seem not to reach it. 

Why have we been trained to look for happiness outside of ourselves? All the worldy pleasures are short lived, the increasing use of alcohol, nicotine, drugs, pharmaceutical drugs and many more ways we have been seeking happiness, only to lead us into a false reality, an illusion that we are happy. 

We often think that finding the right partner, the right job, the right education etc. will liberate us. We tend to blame others for not getting what we need. 

Why has society made is so superficial that we fail to forget that 

Happiness lies within, not without. 

It’s a state of mind, only when we are happy with ourselves, when we learn to forgive ourselves, and embrace love, can we truly find happiness. When you are happy the whole world around you is happy. 

Try it for a day. Just smile all day for no reason and you will see happiness pouring in. 


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